Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) 17 Conference Schedule


Shantha Vijayaraghavan


Shantha Vijayaraghavan graduated in 1963 from IISc(Bsc B.E(E.C.E)). She worked as Design-Engineer in Bharat Electronics from ’63 to ’70. In 1974, as an entrepreneur, she was a partner in Micronic Devices, a marketing company for critical-care Biomedical and state-of-the-art Computer products. She later was one of the founding directors of Advanced Micronic Devices ltd, a publicly-listed company .The company also manufactured PCsin the Brand-Name MICRONICS . After retirement in 2000, Shantha did a course in Interior-Design, then passed her senior-music-exam, composed and wrote a series of Classical-compositions in Kannada and released a CD in 2014. She loves gardening,travelling and composing-music