Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Women Leading From Within – A Mindful Leadership Workshop (By Invite Only)

November 17 10:15 am - 11:45 am
Glass Room ( Food Court - First Floor)
LEVEL: Advanced

At each stage of your career, the key to success is showing up every moment as your best self. Mindfulness – the practice of engaging fully with the present moment and without judgment – allows us to do just that, and has been proven to lead to a host of research-backed powerful benefits from decreasing one’s stress levels to improving focus and clarity, enhanced listening and decision-making skills, and contributing to our overall well-being. Most of all, mindfulness helps to foster greater self-awareness, which in turn leads to greater choices, and therefore, greater possibilities for how you can shape yourself as a leader. ‘Women Leading From Within’ is a high-impact experiential workshop by Shenomics designed to equip women leaders with Mindfulness tools that can practically and positively impact their personal and professional life, and allow them to adopt a more fulfilling and balanced approach to work.