Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


iConnect: Waterfall to Continuous Delivery – Our DevOps journey

November 17 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
LEVEL: Intermediate

**NOTE** The venue for this session is not wheelchair accessible. In this session, Manjula Muthukrishnan will present the mantras that they used to successfully transform her organization’s way of working from “ 6 Months Waterfall” to “6 Weeks Releases” through their DevOps Journey. In the changing world, IT is seen as the key enabler for how fast a business can respond to the market changes and drive competitive advantages. This is why it is key to adopt Devops to keep up with fast pace changing demands of the business. DevOps begins with a culture shift and mindset change. Processes, Methodologies and Tools then help support that culture and mindset shift, which eventually brings exponential changes in the way organization works and the results it delivers to the business. Obviously, all of this was not a cake walk and it was often a bumpy ride full of challenges. Manjula will take us through this exciting roller-coaster DevOps IT Transformation journey .