Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Big Data at the Speed of Light, Really?

November 17 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm
TRACK: Big Data, IoT and Cloud
Lightning Talk
LEVEL: Intermediate

Be it a prediction of who forms the government or how you buy your groceries, Big Data Analytics has gained entry into all spheres of life and influences our decision making. As the usage of analytics has increased, so is the demand for cost efficiency, scalability and optimization. There are several open source frameworks, tools & techniques to aid analysts. Whether its batch processing or real-time streaming, the key is to use the right tools and techniques and optimize the algorithms for a given use case. This session is a series of lightening talks that intend to offer an overview of different tools, with proven implementations in the areas of real time streaming analytics & optimization techniques using Spark. The focused talks are in the areas of: 1. Real time Analytics using Storm and Druid 2. Akka Streams with Java 3. Apache Spark on Hadoop – Optimization & Parallelisation Techniques